Wieso lässt sich der Entriegelungsknopf nicht verriegeln oder verschließen?

Oh no! First, let's make sure you're using the right bottles for your soda maker. Check out our guide for further support.

Please note that the DUO sparkling water maker can be used with our dishwasher-safe 1L glass carafes and our regular 1L fuse bottles. The 1L Classic bottle, the 0.7L glass carafe (from Crystal), the 0.5L bottle and the My Only Bottle (0.5L) are not compatible with the DUO sparkling water maker.

Check if the bottle is inserted correctly with the following steps:
  1. Place the DUO sparkling water maker in an upright position on a flat, stable surface. Open the latch by turning the latch knob to the right. The device head slides up automatically.
  2. Tilt the bottle holder forward to insert the bottle, and then tilt the holder back to an upright position. Make sure the removable bottle holder is attached to the bottom of the tank.
  3. Push and hold the device head down. Lock the device by turning the lock knob to the left. In the locked position, the locking button sits under the small dot just below the Sodastreams logo.

Are you still having trouble? Then contact us by email or by phone at 0800-1831066.