How can I pay for my order?

We accept credit cards (American Express, Visa, Maestro, MasterCard) and PayPal. We do not accept "Cash on Delivery" orders.

Sparkle Note: After placing an order with SodaStream Australia, your bank statement charge will appear under the name "PAYPAL *SODASTREAMA".

Questions? Contact us via email or phone at 1300 SODASTREAM.

Can you provide me with shipping information?

Excited to get those bubbles? Here's how it works.

Free Shipping

If your order is above $75 you'll qualify for free shipping (sweet!). If your order is below $75, the delivery costs are a flat rate of $12.50 per order.

Shipping Times

As soon as you place your order, we get right down to bubble business! Our goods are delivered by a third party courier service, and your order should arrive within 4-14 working days, dependent on state location and time of year. Sadly, we do not currently offer expedited shipping options.

If no one is available to accept delivery when the goods are delivered, the driver will either leave the package at the delivery address or a card will be left with instructions on how to retrieve your order from the courier company.

You can leave specific delivery instructions when making an order.

Additional Notes:

  • We are able to deliver your SodaStream products to any address within Australia excluding Aust Post, P.O. Boxes, Locked Mail Bags (LMO), Private Mail Box (PMB) and Parcel Lockers/Parcel Collect.

  • Customer sales are not available at our head office.

Questions? Contact us via email or phone at 1300 SODASTREAM.

How can I track my order?

So you're bubbling with excitement to receive your order? We get it!

Please send us an email with your order number, and we will send you tracking consignment number.

Sparkle Note: After an order has been placed, tracking numbers may take a few days to be allocated.


How do I use a promotional code/coupon?

You can use your promo code/coupon by viewing and clicking on your shopping basket on the top right-hand side of the screen.


Doing so will release the drop down shopping basket where the code field will appear. You must have an item in your shopping basket in order to view the code field.



Enter a relevant code at any point during your shop. Don't forget to check that your coupon has a valid date.

Sparkle Note: Your coupon code may not work with other special offers on the website.


Questions? Contact us via email or phone at 1300 SODASTREAM.

How can I tell if my online payment went through?

When a payment is processed, your payment details are sent to Paypal to be checked. If the "submit" button was pressed, please assume the order has gone through, unless a specific failure message was received.

Once the order has been placed, you should be directed to a confirmation screen with an order number. You should also receive a confirmation email.

Sparkle Note: If you do not receive confirmation but receive a general internet error message, the order still may have been validated.

Please do not use the "back" button, as this will not undo an order once it has been submitted.

Still unsure? Questions? Contact us via email or phone at 1300 SODASTREAM.

What can I do if I'm having trouble ordering from the website?

Having trouble getting your sparkle? Don't worry! There are a few steps to try:

  • The ordering process requires that pop-ups. Check your browser's internet options to make sure your pop-ups are enabled.
  • Change to a different internet browser.
  • Clear your internet browser cookies, cache, and browsing history.

Need further assistance? Contact us via email or phone at 1300 SODASTREAM.