How do I use my Jet?

Want to learn more about the correct way get bubbling with your Jet? We can help.

Follow the steps below to get bubbling with your Jet:

  • Begin by filling your carbonating bottle with cold water up to the fill line. Remember to always fizz water before adding any flavor.
  • Press on the tilt lever and insert the bottle by turning it to the right (counter clockwise), into the Sparkling Water Maker.
  • Push down firmly on the carbonating button for 1 second, release, and repeat -- 3 presses will produce a standard fizz, additional presses will produce a stronger fizz.
  • When you've reached the right carbonation level, push the tilt lever and turn the carbonating bottle to the left (clockwise) to remove it.
  • Enjoy your bubbles!

Click here to see the Jet user manual.

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