Where can I recycle my CO2 cylinders if I no longer use them?

If you no longer use your SodaStream or would like to recycle extra cylinders, you can return used cylinders to SodaStream or an authorized SodaStream distributor without exchanging it for a full one. You will be entitled to a return fee of $1 or local equivalent.


Please note: $15.00 licensing fee is not refunded when used cylinders are returned.

The cylinder is proprietary to SodaStream and is protected by intellectual property rights. Further, to protect users’ safety and health, various directives and regulations govern and regulate the use, refilling, maintenance, retesting and repair of the cylinder. SodaStream possesses the legally required knowledge and expertise to be responsible for strict legal compliance that can only be guaranteed if the cylinder is maintained, examined, retested and refilled by us. Thus, the cylinder remains the property of SodaStream and is provided under License.

For every spare cylinder purchased, you pay a licensing fee to use the cylinder and for gas. With a gas exchange, you can return any used SodaStream cylinders and just pay the price for gas. This License will continue to bind the use of each subsequent SodaStream cylinder.