Why is my DUO not carbonating?

 Bubble Bummer! Let's first make sure your carbonating bottle is compatible with your DUO. The DUO Sparkling Water Maker can be used with our dishwasher-safe 1L glass carafe and our regular 1L Fuse bottle. The 1L classic bottle, the 0.7L glass carafe (from the Crystal), the 0.5L bottle and My Only Bottle (0.5L) are not compatible.

After pressing the carbonating button a few times, check if you see bubbles. If you don’t, you may be out of gas. You can get a new cylinder through a participating retail location.

If you’re not out of gas, make sure the water in the 1L glass carafe or 1L Fuse bottle is filled up to the fill line and then try carbonating again:

  1. Make sure the Quick Connect Cylinder is properly inserted in the cylinder holder. Pull the back cover away from the machine to remove it. Pull from the small grip on the top of the back cover, behind the carbonating button. If you're having trouble removing the back cover, hold the upper sides of the back cover, pull the sides out, and then while still holding the sides, pull the cover back.
  2. Set the back cover aside and check to make sure the cylinder is inserted in the machine with the pink cylinder handle lowered.
  3. Replace the back cover, making sure to insert the tabs at the bottom of the back cover into the slots on the base of the Sparkling Water Maker while tilting the back cover at an angle away from your DUO Sparkling Water Maker.
  4. Fill the carbonating bottle or 1L glass carafe with cold drinking water up to the fill line indicated on the bottle. Do not add anything besides water to the bottle before carbonating.
  5. Unlock the flask by turning the lever to the right. The carbonating head will rise automatically.      
  6. Tilt the carbonating bottle flask forward to insert the bottle and return the flask to the upright position.
  7. Push the carbonating head down and hold. Lock the flask by turning the lever to the left. When in the locked position, the flask lever will align with the small dot located beneath the SodaStream logo.
  8. Push the carbonating button down firmly for around two seconds, release, and repeat. Repeat 3 times for light fizz, 5 times for strong fizz, and more for extra strong fizz.
  9. When the desired level of carbonation is achieved, gently unlock the bottle compartment.

For more assistance, please contact us via email or phone at 1-877-436-5866.