Why is my bottle not connecting to my ART?

Bubble bummer! Let's get this figured out.

To insert your bottle, first tilt the bottle rest out towards you until a click sound is heard. Do  not pull the carbonating tube. Insert the Carbonating Bottle neck into the Snap-Lock and push it up and back. The Snap-Lock will hold the bottle in a vertical position suspended above the base. The bottle is inserted correctly when there is a gap between the bottle and the base. There is no need to screw the bottle in or out of the Snap-Lock.

  • If the bottle won't connect to the Snap-Lock, tilt the bottle rest towards you until it reaches its fully forward position. Then insert the bottle neck into the Snap-Lock by firmly pushing the bottle up and back until it locks.
  • If the bottle won't release from the Snap-Lock, gently pull the bottle rest towards you until it reaches its fully forward tilt position. If the carbonating bottle does not immediately release from the Snap-Lock, wait a few moments and it may release.
  • If the bottle disconnects during carbonation, you may have a broken Snap-Lock. Check if the Carbonation Tube or Bottle Rest are crooked.


If you have a broken Snap-Lock mechanism, do not continue to use your Sparkling Water Maker.

If you have a broken Snap-Lock, or for further assistance, please contact us via email or phone at 1-877-436-5866.