What is an online gas exchange and how does it work?

Bubbles 101: Carbonating cylinders create the bubbles. After some time, the carbonating cylinder runs out of CO2. We offer an online exchange in which you get a new carbonating cylinder in exchange for your empty one. You just pay the price of the gas plus a £10 refundable fee per cylinder.

Check out the guide below to begin!

Once you order your exchange at SodaStream.co.uk, our Gas Refill program has 3 easy steps to get you back to bubbling. 

  1. Submit your order online and we'll send you full gas cylinders to your home along with a prepaid return label for your empties. 
  2. Using the packaging from your refill order and the pre-paid return label, pack up your used cylinder(s).
  3. Drop off your empty cylinder(s) at a Collect+ store. 

Sparkle Note: In order to properly refund your deposit, please be sure to include your order number and customer number (unique identifier numbers) on the Collect+ label under the section Ref Box. The unique identifier numbers can be found on the DPD label that came with your original order.

Questions? Contact us via email or phone at 0800-085-8373,

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