What should I do if I hear the sound of leaking gas during carbonation?

Bubble Bummer! We'll get you back to bubbling in no time. Check out the guide below for further instructions.

The above guide contains instructions to help if you hear the sound of leaking gas during carbonation:
  1. Remove the carbonating bottle and open and remove the back cover.
  2. Re-tighten the cylinder by hand by twisting it to the right. Do not use tools.

If the cylinder feels loose when properly attached to the cylinder fitting, You may have a broken cylinder fitting. Please contact us via email or phone at 0800-085-8373.

If the cylinder doesn't feel loose, but you still hear the sound of leaking gas you may be missing the rubber seal (O-Ring) located inside the cylinder holder.

If the O-Ring has shifted, place it in its correct place in the middle. If you're missing the O-Ring or if you need any further assistance, contact us via  email or phone at 0800-085-8373.

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