How do you add flavours?

Want to elevate your sparkle? Check out the guide below to learn how to use our sparkling drink mixes.


Always fizz water before adding any flavour.

The guide above contains instructions for adding flavour:

Sparkle a bottle of fresh, cold water with your Sparkling Water Maker and select your favourite sparkling drink mix. We offer Classic syrups, Diet syrups, Fruit Drops, Organic Soda Press, and Fruits syrups.

To add sparkling drink syrups:
  • Use the indicated lines on the cap of the flavour bottle to choose a regular or light sweetness level.
  • Tilt the carbonating bottle at an angle and pour the flavour into your sparkling water.
  • Close the bottle with the fizz-preserving cap and shake gently to mix.
  • Enjoy your bubbles!

To add Soda Press sparkling drink mixes:

  1. Add 2 tbsp (30 mL) of the Soda Press syrup to about a 2/3 cup (170 mL) of sparkling water. You can adjust the amount of syrup you add according to your taste.
  2. Enjoy your bubbles!

To add Fruit Drops:

  1. Take approximately half a teaspoon of your chosen flavour to use with one liter of sparkling or still water.
  2. Tilt the carbonating bottle at an angle and add the fruit drops.
  3. Enjoy your bubbles!
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What's in your flavours?

Want to know what makes our flavours so great? You can find full nutritional information on the nutritional label on the package or on the flavour description pages -- click on the flavour you want, scroll down, and then click on "View Label". Additional nutritional information for our flavours can be found on our Flavour Comparison Chart.

To learn more about our flavour ingredients, check out some common questions below.

Are your flavours sweetened?

Some of our flavours are sweetened and some aren't:

  • Fruit Drops are all-natural, unsweetened flavour essences.
  • Classic flavours are sweetened with sugar, sucralose, acesulfame potassium and/or stevia leaf extract.
  • Diet/Zero flavours are sweetened with combinations of sucralose and/or stevia leaf extract and/or erythritol.
  • Waters flavours are sweetened with fructose, sugar and/or stevia leaf extract.
  • Organic Soda Press flavours are sweetened with sugar.

Are any of your flavours vegan?

Yes! SodaStream is proud to offer a vegan flavour option. Not only are Fruit Drops all-natural, unsweetened flavour essences perfect for making great tasting sparkling water, but they are also 100% vegan!

Many of our other flavour options are vegan-friendly, which means that to the best of our knowledge, the ingredients do not originate from animals.

Do any of your flavours contain GMOs?

No. None of our flavours contain GMOs.

Do you have any caffeine-free flavours?

Yes! We have many flavours that are caffeine free. Check out the flavour's nutritional information to learn more.

Do any of your flavours contain real sugar?

While we do not have any flavours that are sweetened with only sugar, all of our regular flavours (non-diet) are partially sweetened with sugar. This combination of sugar and sweeteners allows us to create a product that is both tasty and lower in calories.

Do you have unsweetened, all-natural flavours?

Yes! Our Fruit Drops are all-natural, unsweetened flavour essences ideal for making lightly flavoured sparkling water. Or try using fresh lemons, limes, oranges or berries to flavour your drink after carbonating. Sophisticated, healthy and quite tasty! Pinkies up.

Are your flavours gluten-free?

Although many of our flavours do not contain ingredients with gluten, we cannot certify that each flavour is gluten free.

Are your products kosher?

SodaStream products are kosher (OU) certified. SodaStream sparkling water is kosher for Passover. The OU Kosher Certification is attached at the end of this article.

Sparkle Tip: Did you know that all our Sparkling Water Makers except for the Spirit One Touch™ and Power™ can be used on the Sabbath?

What does natural ingredients mean?

All of our Fruit Drops flavours contain natural flavourings only. They are made without preservatives, coloring, additives, or sugar substitutes. 

What should I do if I have an allergy and I want to confirm a certain ingredient is not in your flavour?

If you have any concerns or specific food allergies, we would recommend seeking the advice of a medical professional before consuming any new product.

Does your tonic contain quinine?

Yes, it does.

What is the caffeine content in your Energy Drink Mix and in your other caffeinated flavours?

The Energy Drink has 80mg of caffeine per 8oz serving. Other SodaStream caffeinated flavours contain 31 mg per 8oz serving.

 More questions? Contact us via email or phone at 0800-085-8373.

Can I recarbonate a drink that has gone flat and can I carbonate drinks other than water?

Did you know that the hermetic seal on the caps of our carbonating bottles keeps your sparkling water or flavoured sparkling water from going flat as quickly as ordinary store-bought beverages? If you ever need to recarbonate your plain sparkling water, you can. Just make sure that the water reaches the fill line on the carbonating bottle. If you've already prepared a drink with flavour, you cannot recarbonate.

Only water should be carbonated in the SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker. You risk damaging your Sparkling Water Maker, not to mention making a big fizzy mess! The money-back guarantee and the warranty are both invalidated if you carbonate any liquid other than water in your Sparkling Water Maker. Stick with plain, cold water and adding any one of our fantastic flavours AFTER the water has been carbonated!


Always fizz water before adding flavour

How should I store flavours?

Our flavours should be stored in a cool dry place prior to opening.

After opening, our Classic, Diet/Zero and Waters syrups should be stored in a cool dry place. The Soda Press Organic flavours and Fruit Drops should be stored in the refrigerator after opening. For more information, check out the label on the flavour bottle. Enjoy elevating your sparkle!

Can I mix flavours, and are there any recipes using your sparkling drink mixes?

Yes, you absolutely can. Our flavours are great by themselves or mixed with our other delicious flavours. Have some fun with your bubbles and check out our recipes for ideas!