How do I use my CRYSTAL 3.0 Sparkling Water Maker AND carbonate water?

Getting the perfect level of fizzy fun is easy. Just follow the steps below to get bubbling.

Check out the below  tutorials and user manual.

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  1. Fill the SodaStream Glass carbonating Carafe with cold drinking water up to the fill line.

WARNING! Do not carbonate anything other than water. Other liquids can contaminate and clog internal parts, potentially resulting in excessive pressure, bottle failure during carbonation and serious injury. Never carbonate after flavouring has been added.

  1. Place the SodaStream® CRYSTAL 0TM Sparkling Water Maker on a flat sturdy surface in an upright position. Turn the carbonating flask lever to the right to the unlocked position. The carbonating head will rise automatically.

WARNING! Never use a unit with a broken carbonating tube. This can cause excessive pressure, carafe/bottle failure and serious injury.

  1. Tilt the carbonating flask forward and insert the Glass carbonating Carafe into the carbonating flask. Return the SodaStream® carbonating flask to the upright position.
  2. Push the carbonating head down and hold. Turn the carbonating flask lever left, to the locked position. Push down firmly on the carbonating button for around one second, release and repeat. Repeat 3 times for standard fizz and 4 times for strong fizz.
  3. When the desired level of carbonation is achieved, please wait 3 seconds and turn the carbonating flask lever to the right to the unlocked position until the carbonating head starts to rise. As you start to turn to the unlock position you will hear the excess gas being safely released from the Glass carbonating Carafe.
  4. Tilt the SodaStream® carbonating flask forward and remove the Glass carbonating Carafe from the SodaStream® CRYSTAL 0TM Sparkling Water Maker.
  5. Pour and enjoy a fresh sparkling drink!
  6. You can also flavor your way! Enjoy your sparkling water or add your preferred SodaStream Sparkling Drink Mix flavor to enjoy a sparkling flavored beverage, but remember always fizz water before adding any flavor.