How do I get my Source to stop leaking water?

Oh no, bubbles overboard! Don't worry though. We can help. 

Follow the steps below to help stop your Source Sparkling Water Maker from overflowing:

  • Make sure you are filling the carbonating bottle with water to the fill line only.
  • Carbonate water only. Remember to always fizz water before adding any flavor.
  • Make sure your bottle is compatible with your Sparkling Water Maker. The Source is compatible with the 1L slim carbonating bottle, the 0.5L carbonating bottle (My Only Bottle), the 1L classic carbonating bottle, and the 1L classic dishwasher safe bottle.
  • If your bottle feels loose, remove and reinsert it.
  • If you are carbonating with a new cylinder, make sure you are carbonating with the light or medium fizz options only. The highest carbonation level should not be used with a new cylinder.

For more assistance, please contact us via email or phone at 800-763-2258.