What are the differences between the ART, TERRA, One Touch, and Aqua Fizz Sparkling Water Makers?

The ART is our premium Sparkling Water Maker and is all about your unlimited personal creation. With just a few pushes of the lever, you can craft your own homemade sparkly drinks, turning H2O into H2Wow. You can purchase the ART online or at a store near you, and enjoy bubbly masterpieces every day.

The TERRA is an extremely convenient Sparkling Water Maker. The new quick connect patent-pending technology makes your cylinder connection easy and intuitive, and the updated modern design along with a bigger carbonation button make bubbling quick and easy. The TERRA also comes with an easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe carbonating bottle.

The One Touch™ is our electric model. It has 3 sparkle presets for automatic carbonation levels, so everyone in the family can easily prepare sparkling water to their taste.

The Aqua Fizz™ is a premium model, and features a dishwasher safe glass carafe that's perfect for hosting friends and family.

For more information on our Sparkling Water Makers, check out The Complete Collection guide below.