Why are the cylinders so expensive?

Are you taking advantage of the exchange program? When you take your empty CO2 cylinder to a local participating retailer, you can trade in for a full cylinder at the customer service desk for approximately $14.99 (plus tax). This 60L carbonating cylinder can make up to 60, one-liter bottles of sparkling water. Broken down by serving this comes out to 24 cents per 1 liter serving. As most cans are 12 oz, this breaks down even further to approximately 8 cents a serving! These prices represent plain carbonated water, but you will find our flavors break down to a similarly great deal! 

Sparkle Tip: SodaStream recommends having at least 3 cylinders on hand, so you’ll always have bubbles and so you can exchange 2 at a time, taking advantage of the reduced shipping charge. Get your back-up CO2 cylinder here.