Where can I learn more about SodaStream Professional?

PepsiCo, Inc. is expanding the SodaStream brand with SodaStream Professional, an eco-friendly hydration platform. Want to find out about SodaStream Professional's customizable beverages coming to workplaces, college campuses, and airports this fall? See below!

What is SodaStream Professional by PepsiCo?

SodaStream Professional is a connected hydration platform built to reflect how people drink water today -- there's been a rise in the consumption of water and low-and-no-sugar drinks. We also want to address the effects of plastic on the environment.

The SodaStream Professional ecosystem consists of three components:

  • a beautifully-designed water dispenser
  • a companion smartphone app
  • a personalized QR code sticker for reusable bottles that allows people to be recognized by the dispenser each time they fill up.

SodaStream Professional offers more than just great-tasting water. It also allows you to set a daily hydration goal and track progress against it and encourages reusable bottle use to cut back on single use plastics.

How is SodaStream Professional different than a typical vending machine or water dispenser?

The personalization options are what differentiates SodaStream Professional:

  • It offers a variety of great tasting unsweetened flavor, carbonation, and temperature options to customize with every pour.
  • Through the digital interface and connected app, everyone can create their preferred drink and save their favorites in the app for seamless future pours.
  • Plus, they can track their hydration over time and set motivating goals to drink more water.

Are you using PepsiCo brands in SodaStream Professional, like Aquafina or bubly? Will it dispense any other PepsiCo beverages?

SodaStream Professional is designed to dispense water only and it will not dispense Aquafina or bubly. As its own brand, SodaStream Professional offers nano-filtered water that can be enhanced with a number of delicious flavors that were created specifically for the hydration platform. 

When and where will SodaStream Professional be available?

Tapping into our extensive partner network, we will be rolling out hundreds of SodaStream Professional units this fall to select workplaces, college campuses and airports.

What is the benefit for a business or retailer to offer SodaStream Professional?

We’ve seen that many corporate campuses, universities and even cities are implementing policies to cut back on using disposable materials. Providing more sustainable options can not only help save resources, but also address growing consumer demand for environmentally-friendly offerings.

Where can I find out more about SodaStream Professional?

For more information, visit PepsiCoPartners.com.


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