What are the benefits of SodaStream CO2 cylinders?

Your SodaStream cylinder is the heart of your Sparkling Water Maker. It keeps the bubbles contained until you’re ready to release them into your water and powers cordless sparkling water maker models.

There’s many reasons to purchase SodaStream cylinders:


Each carbonating cylinder is made from high-grade brass and aluminum to maximize durability and safety. Designed specifically for your SodaStream, the cylinder valves fit your machines perfectly, helping your machine perform at its peak efficiency and minimizing CO2 loss during the carbonation process.


A single CO2 cylinder produces about 60 liters of sparkling water. We also like to think of it as preventing 60 1-liter single-use plastic bottles from ending up in our environment. Multiply that by millions of SodaStreamers worldwide and we have a movement – a real, tangible change in helping the environment simply by sparkling our water at home.


Convinced? SodaStream recommends having at least 3 cylinders on hand, so you’ll always have bubbles and so you can exchange 2 at a time, taking advantage of the reduced shipping charge. Get your gas here.

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