How do I carbonate water with my Source?

Let's get you bubbling!

Follow the steps below to get bubbling with your Source:

  1. Begin by filling your carbonating bottle with cold water up to the fill line. Remember to always fizz water before adding any flavor.
  2. Pull the bottle rest towards you until a click sound is heard.
  3. Insert the carbonating bottle into the Snap-Lock by pushing the bottle up and back. The Snap-Lock will hold the bottle in a vertical position suspended above the base.
  4. Press the carbonating block down in short 1 second presses. For light fizz, repeat until the bottom LED indicator lights up. For medium fizz, repeat until the bottom and middle LED indicators light up. For high fizz, repeat again until all three LED indicators light up. Make sure to wait for the carbonating block to return to its fully upward position before removing the carbonating bottle. Sparkle Note: You may see small pieces of ice appear in the water during carbonation of very cold water. Any ice created will melt.
  5. When you've reached the right carbonation level, gently pull the bottle towards you until it reaches its fully forward position and remove. Do not remove the Carbonating Bottle until after hearing the sound of excess CO2 being released and never force the Carbonating Bottle out of the Snap-Lock.
  6. Flavor your way! Enjoy your sparkling water or add your preferred SodaStream Sparkling Drink Mix flavor to enjoy a sparkling flavored beverage.

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