How do I install the cylinder on my Spirit One Touch?

Need help installing your cylinder? Check out the guide below for instructions.

*Please note that the 130L cylinder (discontinued) is not compatible with your Sparkling Water Maker.

Follow the steps below to make sure your cylinder is properly installed in your Spirit One Touch Sparkling Water Maker:

  1. Place the cylinder on a flat sturdy surface in an upright position and remove the seal and cap by twisting it counter-clockwise. Make sure to remove the carbonating bottle if it is installed in the Sparkling Water Maker.
  2. With the Sparkling Water Maker in an upright position on a flat, sturdy surface, remove the back cover by pressing on the top and pulling it away from the body of the Sparkling Water Maker.
  3. Set the back cover aside.
  4. Gently tip the Sparkling Water Maker forward and insert the cylinder into the back. First insert the base of the cylinder followed by the body and then tilt it towards your Sparkling Water Maker.
  5. Screw the cylinder counter-clockwise while applying gentle pressure until it is firmly held in place. Do not use tools and make sure the cylinder is secured in its place.
  6. Reinstall the back cover by fitting the upright tab at the bottom into the rear slot at the base of the Sparkling Water Maker. Then push the cover into place onto the back of the Sparkling Water Maker.
  7. Enjoy your bubbles!

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